At Memo Office & Art, we do more than just sell paint,
staples and paper clips. We make it easier for you to
get on with your job.

But what really sets MEMO apart?
At Memo Office & Art we really love it when someone walks through the door and says, “I need help.” It could be anything from getting organized, to helping the kids with a project, or to fronting an upcoming presentation with a key client. Whatever the need, we have the tools, the experience and expertise to deliver the right amount of help at the right time.

We are backed by two other great local companies, the Cessnock Print Place and BINK Creative design studio. So we are well placed to make sure that we get the job right from every angle. So let’s talk it over and see we can help. At MEMO, help is what we love to do.

At MEMO, we see beyond the product and into the potential that product has in your hands.

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